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Thigh lift surgery in Ahmedabad,Gujarat.

For patients who have lost a significant amount of weight, the skin can sag, ripple and fold in ways that cannot be remedied except with surgery. Thigh lift in Colombia may be a good option for many women and men who find themselves in these situations. Our plastic surgeons at Premium Care understand how important it is to feel comfortable. If fat deposits and loose skin are causing you problems, they can offer their professional guidance and highly- skilled techniques to help.

Shapely legs are a feature of health, vitality and beauty. A thigh lift removes excess fat, tightens the skin and re-contours the upper leg usually with concealable scars. Thigh lifts can be combined with other procedures like liposuction or a tummy tuck. Many thigh lifts are performed on the inner thigh, but thigh lifts also can be performed on the outer thigh or included with a body lift.

Being able to wear shorts or more form fitting pants again, feeling the sun on your legs, and finding freedom of movement from unwanted fat and skin deposits can dramatically improve your quality of life.

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Who is a good candidate for this Procedure?

Undergoing thigh lift surgery is a major procedure, and patients should be prepared for the attendant recovery process. However, we'd like to focus on the good. While a patient's candidacy for a thigh lift will ultimately be determined through a personal consultation with Dr. Chetan, it's important to know that a thigh lift will address the following:

  1. stubborn fat in the thighs
  2. excessive thigh circumference, making it difficult to find clothes that fit
  3. excess skin on the thighs after significant weight loss


When you come to our Plastic Surgery Center in Ahemedabad,Gujarat for your initial consultation, Dr. Chetan will discuss with you the status of your body and your desires for improvement. Your surgeon will also assess your skin for elasticity, provide you with complete physical examination, and evaluate your past medical history. This process is essential for establishing you as a candidate for thigh lift surgery.

After learning about a patient’s personal goals, he then reviews her so-called “aesthetic profile,” gathering anatomical information to determine the best course of action. By taking the entire body into account, not just the thighs, Dr. Chetan ensures the results will be proportionate, flattering and perfect.

Incision Placement

The severity of skin and fat excess of the upper leg will determine the placement and extent of incisions. Patients who do not require any skin excision can be treated with liposuction alone, with small, inconspicuous incisions in the upper leg. Patients who have mild to moderate skin excess will have incisions that are well hidden in the groin crease. Patients with severe skin excess, most commonly “massive weight loss” patients, may require incisions from their groin, down the inner part of their thigh, to their knee. The larger the thigh lift needed, the longer the incision necessary to improve the upper leg appearance.

Liposuction-only Thigh Lift

Patients that have developed excess fat in their upper legs, but have maintained excellent skin quality and elasticity, are candidates for a liposuction-only thigh lift. These patients will not require any skin removal, and will avoid any incisions larger than those created during liposuction.

Skin Resection Thigh Lift

Most patients seeking a thigh lift will require some degree of skin resection to reach their desired aesthetic goals. These patients are treated initially with liposuction to remove excess fat from their inner thigh, before reducing the circumference of the upper leg with removal of any skin excess. Incisions may be limited to the patient’s groin, but larger thigh lifts may require incisions down to the level of the knee.

Liposuction-only Thigh Lift

Liposuction requires creating small (0.5-1.0 cm) incisions in the skin, camouflaged in body creases or inconspicuous areas of the upper leg. Fluid containing medications aimed to provide pain-relief and limit blood loss is then infused into the arm, before special instruments are used to suction out excess fat. Careful attention to detail during the suction phase of the procedure ensures enough fat is removed to narrow the upper leg, while leaving enough fat behind to create a pleasing contour. Once liposuction is complete, surgical tape and gauze are placed over the incisions, and a compression garment applied to help with skin retraction, and help reduce leg swelling.

Skin Resection THIGH Lift

These cases start by duplicating the liposuction-only thigh lift. After liposuction removes the excess fat from the inner thigh, the amount of skin needing to be excised is patterned on whether the skin excess is running down, or around, the leg. Incisions are then created, and the excess skin and fat elevated from the underlying muscles. The excess skin is removed, and the remaining skin redraped over a drain, and sutured closed in multiple layers. Sterile gauze and a compressive garment are then applied to help with skin retraction and help reduce leg swelling.

When performed alone, a thigh lift is an outpatient procedure. We encourage walking every day, including the day of surgery, as a precautionary maneuver to improve circulation and avoid the development of blood clots. Any drains placed during surgery will require a logbook to record how much fluid comes out of the drains in a 24-hour period. These measurements are important, as they will determine when the drains can be removed.

The compression garments are maintained for several weeks after surgery, during which time strenuous activities and workouts are limited. Most patients can return to their exercise regimen 6 weeks after surgery. Full recovery will take weeks to months, depending on the type of thigh lift performed. A return to work is dictated by how well patients feel, and the typical duties required of their job.

We believe in being preemptive to avoid any risks associated with surgery, but occasionally it may occur

Risks include infection, slow wound healing, bleeding, seroma and venous blood clots. Even if a complication were to occur, diligent post-operative care would still likely lead to a nice result.

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