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Complex Pelvic Floor & Vaginal Reconstruction in Ahmedabad,Gujarat.

Concerns about the way your vagina looks or feels are surprisingly common. Factors such as childbirth and ageing in particular can fundamentally and adversely change the way your vagina looks and feels. Problems can include:

  1. Lack of confidence due to cosmetic look of vaginal area
  2. Loss of sensation/satisfaction during intercourse
  3. Stress incontinence (leaking urine when you sneeze) or urge incontinence (having to rush to the loo at short notice)
  4. Vaginal Prolapse (bulge or heaviness in vagina or lower abdomen)

Who is a good candidate for this Procedure?

Patients may choose to combine this procedure with perineal surgery (correcting the area between the vagina and the anus) and labiaplasty (reshaping and reducing the protrusion of the labia).

Alternatively, in less severe cases, it may be that vaginal tightening and simple pelvic floor tightening will be appropriate to achieve the right results.


The options will be fully discussed at a private consultation. Before you make any decision, we will ensure that we have fully understood your concerns as well as examined the problem area. We will explain the options and give you realistic advice on what a difference surgery will make for you. You should expect to come away with a full understanding of the recovery process and aftercare, as well as the risks and potential complications involved in surgery.


Every woman’s vagina is stretched massively during childbirth. Having more than one baby and/or traumatic deliveries puts even greater strain on the area and things are never quite what they were. For some women, the area looks completely different – perhaps permanently swollen or “open” looking.

The pelvic floor is the “figure of eight” group of muscles supporting the bladder, bowel, vagina and the womb.Loss of tone/strength in this area can be devastating, causing lack of sexual satisfaction, incontinence and even vaginal prolapse. This can occur when the pelvic floor tone is not recovered after childbirth.

The good news is that with vaginal reconstruction and pelvic floor repair our Cosmetic Gynaecologist can dramatically improve not only the external appearance of the vagina, but also the crucial internal strength and support to restore patients’ control of their bladder function as well as much improved satisfaction during intercourse.

This is major surgery, involving general anaesthetic and a short hospital stay. The area is naturally sensitive and you will need to take it easy while you recover. However, if you have been affected by these issues, then surgery could be quite dramatically transforming, setting you free from the worry and concern about the way you look and feel.

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