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Hand Reconstruction


Hand Reconstruction in Ahmedabad,Gujarat.

Our hands are amazingly sophisticated, complex, and efficient structures that are essential for performing most tasks in our lives. Their evolution has resulted in a design that functions with precision movement, strength, and sensibility.

The hands are unfortunately also vulnerable to diverse intrinsic and acquired disorders. When there situations arise, it is essential to seek out a surgeon with specialized hand surgery training, as these conditions often require the most ingenious surgical skill for correction.

Plastic surgeons are often called upon to reconstruct parts of the hands and upper extremity by injury or disease surgical resection. Reconstructive techniques and strategies vary greatly, depending on whether we are treating carpal tunnel syndrome for a secretary, or performing a nerve graft reconstruction after injury.

Conditions we treat:

  1. Soft Tissue Reconstruction
  2. Trigger Finger
  3. Tendon Repair and Reconstruction
  4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  5. Compression Neuropathies
  6. Hand Infections
  7. Dupuytren’s Disease

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